[solved] No gateway and no any ip

I have tl-mr6400 using openwrt software
I put lan interface to DHCP..after that cant access my router contral panel (no any gateway work

do you have another router?

if the answer is you attach the tl-mr6400 with a lan to lan network cable and then your tl-mr6400 should get an ip address

or a pc with a dhcp server installed?

attach the pc with the dhcp server to a lan port of the tl-mr6400 it should get an ip address


it is perfectly "normal"
when you first install OWRT, then the LAN is set up as DHCP Server (read again, Server), and LAN ports have address
but, when you switch your LAN to DHCP Client (read again, Client !!!) then your router will lost fixed address and you could not access it anymore

now, the question is:
why you want DHCP Client on LAN interface?

best way is to reset to factory default and start from scratch
hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds, all LEDs will light up
then router will be at factory state


Thanks guys

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