[solved] Nlbwmon vs ipv6

Installed, changed the retention to 12 periods (months), added "guest" and "vpn" to local networks, "lan" was already there. "lan" has no IPv6, "guest" and "vpn" have a fixed prefix thanks to a he.net tunnel.


config nlbwmon
	option commit_interval '24h'
	option refresh_interval '30s'
	option database_directory '/var/lib/nlbwmon'
	option database_interval '1'
	option database_limit '10000'
	option protocol_database '/usr/share/nlbwmon/protocols'
	option database_generations '12'
	list local_network ''
	list local_network ''
	list local_network ''
	list local_network 'guest'
	list local_network 'lan'
	list local_network 'vpn0'

my work phone is on the "guest" wifi and I can use various IPV6 services such as ipv6.google.com, test-ipv6.com, and ipv6-test.com

not much but there should be some IPV6 traffic in the stats, yet there is none.
I saw a bugreport comment mentioning issues with changing prefixes but this is not my case: I have a fixed /48

The examples show IPV6 works but ... is there additional config to write?

The functions responsible for subnet fetching might not work for all protocols.
Try to add your IPv6 prefixes to the local_network list.
Also verify that you can pass the test on using IPv6 by default.

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Yes, the tests are positive.
Adding the /48 prefix did the trick: I somehow assumed it would monitor whatever IPV6 prefix was on the interfaces corresponding to the IPV4 ranges.

Sometimes nlbwmon starts before the IPv6 interface is properly fully up. And then the IPv6 addresses are not monitored. Simple restart of nlbwmon helps. ( I usually check from the process list if nlbwmon process has the router's IPv6 address in the parameter list.)


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