[Solved] Netlink Bandwidth Monitor - decimal or binary based units?

I was wondering if the units displayed by Netlink Bandwidth Monitor in LuCU are decimal based or binary based. They are suffixed as GB, so this suggests, following proper (and Linux) convention that they are decimal based. However, comparing the numbers with the numbers I get from a downstream router running a third-party firmware with a different utility that shows the data in KB, I tend to believe the numbers in Netlink Bandwidth Monitor are binary-based GBs (well, GiBs).

So, anybody has info about that? Is it possibly that whoever developed the Netlink Bandwidth Monitor (or the LuCI app for it) is following Microsoft's unit convention or something?

Units shown in the cli client are multiple of 1024 - see https://github.com/jow-/nlbwmon/blob/master/client.c#L146

In LuCI, byte values are multiples of 1024 and packet counts are multiples of 1000: https://github.com/openwrt/luci/blob/openwrt-18.06/applications/luci-app-nlbwmon/luasrc/view/nlbw/display.htm#L500

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Many thanks @jow

So technically byte values units should be labelled KiB, MiB and GiB

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