[Solved] Netgear WNDR4700 Help!

I can't seem to find a tutorial for installing OpenWrt on this device. If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated. I have used DD-WRT for many years but haven't used OpenWrt before. I downloaded the factory & sysupgrade images and made sure the checksum is OK. If I go to the firmware upgrade page on the router and select the factory image or the latest official firmware which is already on the device and click upgrade it just hangs saying please wait forever.

Presumably the info you need is here in the device info page.

Start with your device running the stock Netgear firmware. Then download the "factory" image. You should be able to flash from the stock firmware > OpenWrt using the factory image.

That is the page where I got the factory & sysupgrade images from. I didn't see any instructions so I went ahead and tried to do it using the interface and ended up with the continuous waiting. As far as stock goes, does it matter what version? I'm on the latest V1.0.0.56. Do I need to downgrade it first or something. Since I was waiting forever I thought that something might have went wrong so I tried to reflash the stock image but like I said using it produces the same result as well.

What is running on there now?

I decided to try it from an old Win7 box instead of my main Linux desktop and it took it. My next question is what do I do woth the sysupgrade? I'm assuming I flash that from within OpenWRT now that it is on there.

Or is the sysupgrade file only for upgrading from an older version of OpenWRT?

Do I have to install any additional packages to get the USB, SATA, etc. to work on this model? Do you know of a good resource / tutorial on this? Thanks!

Sysupgrade images are used to upgrade from one version of OpenWrt to another (usually a newer one). Since you're using factory install image, you don't nee to use the sysupgrade image this time.

Usually, yes. The standard image doesn't typically contain additional kernel modules/drivers for these things.

Search is your friend. First link from a google search: "OpenWrt usb":

Thanks! I will check it out. This surely is different from DD-WRT...

Yes, it really is.

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Sysupgrade is for upgrading from one version of openwrt to another.

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