[Solved]Netgear R7500v2 5GHz radio not working under 21.02.2

After upgrade my router to 21.02.2, 5G radio does not work, only 2.4G left.
There was no problem in my previous version in 19.07.7

did you reset the settings during upgrade ?

I've been running master builds on my r7500v2 almost exclusivity for several years now and my 5GHz radio functions (i.e. I should have seen any changes that were incorporated into 21.02.2 before they made it into that branch).

I'm not sure about the best way i could help you but I suspect posting your dmesg output might be a good start (others might see something as well). Be sure to redact any information in the dmesg (mac addresses, ip address, etc) that you don't want to share publicly before posting it.

No, I kept the old settings.
Does it matters?

It's device specific, but I'd do it.

I made the factory reset for all configuration and now it works.
Looks a bit strange, but anyway, it works.

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