[SOLVED] Need Wifi Router That Passes mDNS/Bonjour

Use case:

  • Need a wifi router 2.4 and 5gHz.

  • Need at least 2 LAN ports, preferably gigabit.

  • Needs to pass mDNS/Bonjour traffic to devices that are on the modem's subnet.

  • Need at least 1 USB 3.0 port

  • Needs to be used with Apple’s Time Machine

My situation - I previously was nursing along Airport Express/Extreme/Time Capsules and never realized that they handled Time Machine and Bonjour data without me having to worry about it. Now that they have started failing I am leaving the Apple ecosystem, and what was working before, is no longer working. Specifically Bonjour for streaming music from MacOS/iOS devices and fast Time Machine backup/retrieval.

I am in the USA, I have 300mbps Cable going into an Arris G34 Modem/Gateway. The wifi is turned off since the modem’s location is lousy for wifi. It is Cat 6 from the modem to my current router, TP-Link AX55 Archer. The Archer has excellent range, but doesn’t pass mDNS/Bonjour to the devices that are on the modem’s subnet. Also, even though it has a USB 3.0 port, Time Machine is very slow on it.

My house is 2500 sqft, the location of the router will be optimal.

The router’s AP Isolation is off. It is in AP Mode. The UI does not allow any update to mDNS, IGMP Snooping.

I’d prefer to not need OpenWrt, but am willing to use it if it is needed to meet my criteria.

I don't have the time right now for homebuilt/raspberry solutions, though they look fun :slight_smile:

I would appreciate any recommendations!

You do realize that you posted in an OpenWrt forum, right?

Move all devices to the TP-Link router and configure your Arris to modem mode. This way you won't have to deal with mDNS issues and you avoid the double-NAT situation that I assume are you now having.

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Yes, I realize it is OpenWrt and I get the irony, but I was making it clear what my goal was, if OpenWrt is needed, I'll do it. I just need to meet my goal. I figured people here know the basic capabilities for routers and can give suggestions.

Some of my devices are in awkward locations in my house for my router to reach wirelessly, while they are in a good location for where my modem is.

How could I determine if there is a double NAT situation?

What are the WAN and LAN addresses of the Arris box, and what's the WAN address of the TP-Link box?

Which IP address is displayed on your TP-Link as WAN address?

The other thing you can do, instead of using modem modem on your Arris, is to configure your TP-Link as an access point (i.e. turn off DHCP) and connect the two devices via the LAN ports. Everything is in one subnet and all routing is performed by your Arris (and no OpenWrt is needed).


My Man!

It was already set up as an access point. I just needed to connect to the LAN port, rather than the WAN port.



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Good - just make sure to disable DHCP on the TP-Link, you don't want two DHCP servers in your network.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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