[Solved] Need help with installation to TP-Link Archer C7 v5

Hi all, I'm new here.

I discovered recently that OpenWRT can (possibly) support a TP Link Archer C7 that I own, which has the current build is 20180425 rel 72768(4341) with version 5 firmware.

I attempted to follow the guide presented here and to install the OpenWRT firmware using TFTP but nothing really happened.

Here's what I did:

  • I used NetworkManager to set the static IP on my ethernet device.
  • I installed tftp-hpa for the TFTP server
  • I downloaded the OpenWRT firmware and renamed it to ArcherC7v5_tp_recovery.bin in /srv/tftp
  • I loaded the TFTP daemon for the directory /srv/tftp
  • I double checked that the TFTP can be accessed by other devices in the LAN and that it's listening the ethernet interface (it can and it does)
  • I connected an ethernet cable to the first port of the router and on my laptop
  • I powered off the router, held reset, powered it on while still holding reset, held reset for 10-15 seconds and let go.

And this is where nothing happens. I checked with a packet sniffer and no TFTP transfer occurs, the router simply boots to the stock firmware.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

Try holding reset for longer and observe LEDs and packet sniffer

The only traffic I'm getting between the router and my laptop are ARP requests and ICMP6 packets.

Holding onto reset longer doesn't seem to make a difference, the router eventually boots into the stock firmware.

EDIT: I'm going to sleep, I'll check back on this thread later.

Don't mix up : Reset Button is the one only accessible with a pen :wink:

Personnally I had issue with direct connection : connect your router & your laptop to the LAN

Do you mean I should try a wireless connection or connect both my router and laptop to another router?

Both to a router or a switch (an active LAN) _ (wireless will not work)
(In my issue my laptop were taking time to refresh his LAN network)

Thanks mac_low, your suggestion did the trick. :grinning: I have OpenWRT on the router now.

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Good News :+1:

Don't forget to edit the title in resolved state :wink:

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