[SOLVED] Need for dnasmasq to resolve DNS queries based on DHCP leases

Is it possible to get the DNS resolver (part of dnsmasq) to resolve DNS queries based on existing DHCP leases that are issued by the DHCP server (also part of dnsmasq)? This would be very helpful for reading syslog messages sent to an external syslog server, as the hosts in syslog would appear with their hostnames rather than IPs.

Currently, only manual hostname-to-IP mappings are being resolved by my OpenWRT box when a DNS query is sent by an external host.

Thank you.

I think I've solved this myself.

LuCI > Network > DHCP and DNS > Resolve and Host Files:
Additional Host Files: /tmp/dhcp.leases
(this is the same file that's listed on the same page next to Leasefile )


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