[SOLVED] Nc listening to local port

Hi everybody, hope to post on the correct section.
I have a router with OpenWrt BarrierBreaker installed and i need to make it listen on a port to save some logs to a file placed on USB.
i managed to make it listen to another host with nc host port >> myfile.txt but i can't make it listen to a local port, the command return an error

root@OpenWrt:~# nc 9220
BusyBox v1.22.1 (2016-04-19 16:13:32 CST) multi-call binary.

Usage: nc [IPADDR PORT]

Open a pipe to IP:PORT


but the same command on a debian pc don't give errors, there is a different syntax for it on openwrt?

# nc --help
  -l, --listen               listen mode, for inbound connects

unfortunately it don't work

root@OpenWrt:~# nc -l 9220
nc: bad address '-l'

i managed to do it with ncat command instead, also udp is working

ncat -u -l -p 9100 >> file.log

By default OpenWrt comes with busybox-nc (the busybox implementation of netcat) which does not support server mode. You need to install GNU netcat.
opkg install netcat


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