[Solved] Missing switch in LUCI on Ubiquiti UniFi-AC-PRO

I have about 2 dozens Ubiquiti UniFi-AC-PRO. The device has 2 ethernet ports and used to have switch option in network. At Least it was so in lede 17.{something}. I have build a custom rom (with ImageBuilder) because I need WPA2-EAP for Eduroam. Did I miss some packet when building the custom rom or there was changes between 17.{something} and 18.06.4? I know I can edit manually /etc/config/network when changing VLAN passing through AP, but I prefer to do that with LUCI.

Please consider filing an issue report to https://github.com/openwrt/luci/issues with the exact versions and preferably some screenshots attached.

After careful examination i found that the problem is removal of

config switch
option name switch0
option reset 1
option enable_vlan 1

Now i have to figure out who and why it was removed in 17.something config.

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