(SOLVED) MikroTik RB951G-2HnD LEDE installation (HELP)

I've been able to file transfer * initramfs.elf to mikrotik but I can not access the gateway which is the default IP of LEDE after switching my LAN cable to port 2 - 5 of the mikrotik device. The program I use is TFTPD32 (WINDOWS10). Can anyone point out what I did wrong? I also tried dnsmasq inside the linux environment but did not transfer * .elf files to mikrotik. Thanks for the reply.

Check to make sure you have assigned your PC a static IP address on the same subnet example

Already done that and my static IP is under subnet of But still I cant access the IP of LEDE. Its already several days digging the internet but this is the roadblock I have encountered,

update: I did just apply the patch based on wiki. and it works. Thanks.

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