[SOLVED]Migrate "Static Leases" from old router to new

I've been running a 14.04-era version of OpenWRT because "a friend configured it for me," and it's been way better than nothing-at-all.

Finally, I became embarrassed enough to try to come up with a replacement, and bought "a few" candidate routers at area thrift stores[1]. Of the few I picked the Linksys EA4500v1 for its memory and all Gbit ports. (A Netgear Nighthawk, although cheap, was passed over for requiring 12V/3.4A...).

I've (finally) gotten it flashed (resetting it with the 10+ seconds in the reset-hole poke trick) and removing one of my computers from the home network and connecting it to the LAN side with a static IP on the 192.168.1.n network to talk to it.

I had downloaded the necessary flash BIN file and the subsequent upgrade BIN file to the computer beforehand.

Flashing was a problem in that "Browse"ing for the BIN files was so slow that my login session as root expired before I could find and "Upload" the file.

I resorted to ssh'ing into the 4500, scp'ing the BIN files to /tmp/ and running "sysupgrade -i" from there. It boots, and I've got it mostly configured.

Q. I now face re-creating the LONNNG list of "Static Leases" I created in the old router, running OpenWRT 14.04, over the years[2]. I'd rather not type them in, again, by hand. Is there a method similar to what I did to flash the firmware?; namely, to copy a file across with scp and then run a utility of some kind to make the changes to the OS?


[1] Not having access to OpenWRT's List of Hardware, I bought based on price, memory (flash and RAM), port speed, and brandname. I got 4 candidates for under $10..
[2] I don't part with any computers.

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Selectively copy-paste the contents of /etc/config/dhcp:

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@vgaetera I see them! I don't know how I missed them. Thank you.

I'll try it, but will they be "remembered" after reboot? (I'm vaguely remembering something about temporary-vs-permanent storage?)

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This is maximum consumption when all elements (CPU, flash, Wifi) are running at their peak.

Yes, the temporary storage is /tmp and /var, the configurations are stored in /etc which under normal circumstances is surviving a reboot.


@trendy, @vgaterra

! Thank you both.

(Good to know about the power requirements[1]. I'll confess now that I had assumed that "power supplies wouldn't be a problem" when I was putting the routers into the sack at the thrift stores, because I knew I had a drawer-full at home. I've never even seen one that big however.)

[1] I'm actually running the Linksys with a modestly underpowered supply from my drawer of old supplies.

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Worked like a charm. Marked SOLVED. Thanks again.

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