[solved]"MGLRU" is this gonna be inluded in OpenWrt?

I read that as a new linux feature for openwrt performance.
can this be included in openwrt or does it need newest linux-git or is it not even included in mainline linux?

it will eventually, yes.

openwrt currently uses kernel version 5.10 and 5.15

that new feature will supposedly be added in 6.1

is that an automatic thing that any kernel with 6.1 version (or whatever version that feature gets stable on) would include it and openwrt devs dont need to do anything?

so if ,say 2023, and openwrt tags a new dev branch for next release, then this would automatically gets included (of course if linux6.1 or higher is selected for that release)?

OpenWrt 23 or whatever will include this. There's already a backport from @rsalvaterra for 5.15.


thank you for all the answers.
I will now close this.

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@reza one of the members had already been planning to backport MGLRU, so it will be available in openwrt before openwrt starts using the Linux version that it will be officially published in

you can follow that here


While I have thrown this PR into the patchset of my build to test, I would suggest if you are actually experiencing MM constraints where this is going to make a difference, It is time to upgrade your edge device.


Please feel free to tag me if there is anything I can help. Thanks.


no I have enough resource on my device.
but If I get the MGLRU correctly, it will reduce usage and not just for low spec situations.

Improves latency on MM turnaround time.

Has been pushed to master for 5.15 build.

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How can I verify that this feature is being used?

If you are running a 5.15 image, post commit, it is enabled.

Edit: info

root@OpenWrt:/etc/config# cat /sys/kernel/debug/lru_gen
memcg     1 /
 node     0
          0  175656820          0        3544 
          1  175656820          0           0 
          2  175656820          0           0 
          3  175656820          0        3091 

I see this. I have zram too.

root@ap1:~# cat /sys/kernel/debug/lru_gen
memcg     1 /
 node     0
         10      97560        149          13 
         11      97470        140         107 
         12      97440        303        1290 
         13      36120        269         380

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