[Solved] Material Theme working on OpenWrt 18.06?

Hiho Community

Did anyone tested Material Theme in OpenWRT 18.06 and did it work properly ?
Maybe its better using bootstrap theme in 18.06 (saw the Security changes for luci-bootstrap in release notes).

Am asking coz Material works really great on mobile devices (especially smartphones) and didnt test bootstrap theme on mobile devies yet

I think I will ask before flashing new major release :wink:

Anyway have a nice day! :slight_smile:

I'm using the material theme on 18.06 and it works fine. Didn't notice any issues on a R7800 or WRT3200ACM so far.

I'm not accessing the router with mobile devices tho.

For 18.06? Where? There's only one mention of bootstrap in 18.06 Release Notes and it has nothing to do with security.

  • Web interface:
    • Security improvements

Why you would write "Security Improvements" if only one improvement is available ?

EDIT: I looked around on Luci's github main and saw that material theme is now within main development and no extra package anymore from another user ?
Didnt know it...

I do this post for other people with same question:

Tested OpenWRT 18.06 with Material theme deeply and with no issues / errors - just work properly...

Just do it like it before:
opkg update && opkg install luci-theme-material

... and youre fine :wink:

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