[SOLVED] Master LuCI Firewall, descriptions?

Hey all,

Does anyone using master notice that there are no descriptions for firewall rules?

Master is still 17.01.x right? If so, and if IIRC, my build from a month or so ago does have the descriptions. Which revision # are you running?

Powered by LuCI Master (git-18.174.28902-a65d55e) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7312-5c5bf8b

17.01_4.14.43-2018.06.17, r7051-d0fbe1956b
  • Left side
    • Master - LEDE 17.01.x
    • Compiled 2017.06.17
18.06_4.14.50_2018.06.20, r7063-eb568e0aba
  • Right Side
    • OpenWrt 18.06
    • Compiled 2017.06.20


What about on the config page, per my OP (where you EDIT them)?

Traffic Rules and Port Forwards


You had asked for "descriptions for firewall rules", of which was interpreted as referring to the Status -> Firewall page. As to the Firewall Rule Names, which it appears you were asking about, they appear the same as in the Options column on Status -> Firewall.

18.06_4.14.50_2018.06.20, r7063-eb568e0aba

Odd...per my pic above, they're defiantly not showing...

That is a bit odd. I'm assuming nothing changed in your firewall config from the last compiled image to this one? If not, and no one else chimes in, I'd consider filing a bug report, as there's always a chance something odd happened in the cross compile (unless it's for a Linksys WRT AC Series, as the above were pulled from a WRT1900ACS).

Any chance something went odd in the compilation process, as you have an extraordinarily high revision number and I doubt it jumped 249 in four days (unless the revision number is dependent on TARGET)?

Just flashed the upgrade.

I didn't compile it. It was the Master compiled by the buildbot the day after 18.06.0-rc1 was released. I had to switch to master because of another issue I now experience (the corresponding file edited in LuCI e.g. Custom Firewall or Startup does not update the respective file when hitting 'Submit'/'Save'/'Save and Apply').

Something is off if the revision numbers are not target based, as an updated compile (branch: openwrt-18.06) from today shows revision 7102 (as of the time of this post)... of which makes it impossible for the RC build compiled on 6/23 to have a revision of 7312



Also, here is the issue with rc1 I mentioned.


Also, I'm not sure of your wording:

I wasn't stating your post of the revision number was wrong, but that something is off with the buildbot compiled images because neither git branches (master, of which I believe is still the LEDE 17.01 Development Branch, and openwrt-18.06) are not on revision 7312, but 7102

PS $  git branch -a
* master
  remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master
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@lleachii - missing labels are fixed in latest LuCI master.

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Master is the main development branch, and ahead of the other branches.
18.06 is the current stable branch, (currently rc1 of the next release)
And 17.01 is the previous stable branch, and mostly retired.

They all have separate commit versions and also Luci versions.

$ git checkout master
Switched to branch 'master'
Your branch is up to date with 'origin/master'.
$ ./scripts/getver.sh 

$ git checkout openwrt-18.06
Switched to branch 'openwrt-18.06'
Your branch is up to date with 'origin/openwrt-18.06'.
$ ./scripts/getver.sh 

$ git checkout lede-17.01
Switched to branch 'lede-17.01'
Your branch is up to date with 'origin/lede-17.01'.
$ ./scripts/getver.sh 
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Ah, thanks, I completely misunderstood the versioning =]

Working on LuCI Master (git-18.176.34901-0d9a64b) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7333-1b46bce.

Thanks all!!!