[SOLVED] Make /var/lib/tor/hidden_services/hostname Persistent

Hello Friends!
I created a hidden_service dir in my OpenWRT setup to have a ssh access to my OpenWRT through tor.
But after each reboot the

> /var/lib/tor/hidden_services/hostname

file is changing. So I can not write down and use this address to access my device.

Please let me know how can I make it Persistent?

/var is a symlink to /tmp, and /tmp is temporary, i.e. a ramdisk.

If you want the file to be persistent, store it somewhere which survives reboots, e.g. somewhere in /etc.


Thank you
Sure, Correct

The only thing is to keep in mind

chown tor -R /etc/tor/hidden_services
chmod 700 /etc/tor/hidden_services

or something like this to ensure correct permissions which this paranoid tor-daemon needs.


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