[SOLVED] MAC addresses blocked by default?

This is mine:
OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7066-060e1ecefa / LuCI Master (git-18.151.24607-5452cc2)

It is a stock installation. I've changed nothing since install.

I can't get an IP address for a tv tuner (SiliconDust's HDHomeRun "Connect" model). Are devices blocked by default? Is this a firewall problem? I've have 3 of these and cannot get any of them an IP address. By the blinking (green LED), I know that the device is on the network. I apologize. I'm not sufficiently technically versed to ask this question any better than this.

From the maker's FAQ "No Tuners Found":

If the LED is blinking green, this indicates that the device has a network connection, but has not received an IP address from your router via DHCP. Check to make sure that your router is powered on and has its DHCP server enabled. If the router has any access control/allowed devices/MAC filtering function, either the HDHomeRun needs to be on the allowed list, or this function should be disabled.

I believe the DHCP issues IP addresses, as all other devices on this network are working.

How do I disable the MAC filtering function (if there is one.)

MAC filtering is not enabled by default; and it wouldn't know the MACs to auto add them.

But, it's under Network > Wireless > edit:


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