[Solved] LUCI not reachable in Bridgemode

Hi there!

I'm new to this community, so i hope i am in the right section!

I have one TP-Link WR841N and two WR710N all running the latest LEDE version (17.01.0). The 841 is my router and the 710 are used as repeater. I connected the repeater as Clients (WDS) to the router (Access Point (WDS)) and created on both repeater Wifis with the same SSID and password as the router. Both Wifis on the repeater are bridged so it seems to other wifi clients as one network and the router acts as the DHCP server. Everything in this Config works just fine. I can seamlessly switch between all acces points and Internet works perfect.
The one problem i have is that the i can't access LUCI on the repeater i even can't ping the repeater. They work but it seems they are "not present" in my network.
I hope someone can explain the problem to me and help me out with this!

Thanks in advance!


From where are you trying to reach the repeaters?

I don't know how WDS handles backplane, but for wired backplane the best practice is to remove the AP admin interfaces from the wifi side so they can only be reached by a specially configured wired host, or on a special wired interface, by putting them on a different VLAN.

Thanks for your answer.
I can access LUCI via lan port, but this is quiet inconvenient for maintaince or something similar. It would be nicer to have access via wifi.

You'll have to apply an IP address (ouside of your pool) to your br interface for the WLAN from which you want to reach LUCI. And maybe tell uhttpd to listen on it.

Or, you'll have to teach the router/firewall to route traffic from that VLAN back to your administrative net.

Thanks for your help!
I got it working today through the firewall settings!