[SOLVED]Luci -> Network -> DHCP and DNS -> Static Leases is empty and cant be edited

I recently see that my static leases section in luci is empty and when i press that add button it just refreshes the page and no empty template appear for me to add.

I have my entries from before in dhcp config file so the get correct assigned IP buy I have to add then manually and I cant use them elsewhre in luci, like in MAC filter in wireless (from drop-down list)

are you using an extroot setup? pen drive, ssd or platter hdd

If not, have you tried to reflash?

I suspect the flash storage
stuck sections of some config on the router after boot with mods both via cli or luci
Seems to be a very common issue with pen drives and some unbranded/chinese routers lately.

let know of your findings

I dont use ext-root
i have a linksys wrt12000
and that section used to work even with trunk.
but now it doesnt .
not with trunk and not with stable.

I don't know if this will work, but you might just try clearing cache and cookies in your browser, I've had similar problems in luci (configs ok, luci blank) which that fixed.

that didnt work.

Is uci show dhcp >/dev/null on the cli reporting any errors?

I've only seen this occur when there's an error, erroneous character, or missing character in /etc/config/dhcp. Please post your /etc/config/dhcp config (within code blocks please).

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i suspected as much but when I removed the dhcp config before,that page failed.

buy today I searched and find the /rom/ version of config and compared line by line and it seems that I derped and used the word options instead of option in one line.

That's expected behavior, as, at that point, you would have no dhcp config, also resulting in a myriad of other network issues.

I personally recommend either building a custom nano compilation utilizing a custom Makefile, enabling features for syntax highlighting, or installing vim-fuller or vim-full & vim-runtime.

  • Compiling nano is far more efficient, as VIM is quite large in comparison, however either option will enable syntax highlighting - a must to ensuring typos in configs are caught before being applied.

That's why better use UCI to manage your configuration.
Using text editors is additional point of failure.