[Solved] Luci backup smb.conf.template problem

When i restore my configuration i have a beautiful list with:


but in the old configure file i have :

problem : i cannot restore my good smb.conf.template !!!

What do you mean?
To my knowledge, the restore simply expands the backup archive.
The list of files marked to be backuped/preserved is not used in restore.

If the correct file is included in your backup archive, simply restore it and then copy/rename the file manually to the correct place.

If it is not included in the backup, then you need to define it to be included for the backup in the source system, create a new backup and then restore it in the new system.

hum …

a backup command that lists files that are not all backed up is surprising …

when to restore the missing file I am not completely stupid !!!

solved Windows cache the second extension !!!

sorry i cannot edit first post [solved]

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