[Solved] Luci-app-adguardhome configuration settings


I installed AGH on my netgear router which is working very nice.
I installed AGH in /etc/AdGuardHome directory.
After configuring ADGuardHome, I installed the luci-app-adguardhome app and after a reboot, it appeared in the Luci interface.
Because I couldn't find any setup documentation about the luci-app-adguardhome app, I'm asking some help here.
Is there some kind of manual available for the luci-app-adguardhome app?
I'm not sure about the paths asked in the app but are those like these?

bin path = /usr/bin/AdGuardHome (only data directory)
Config path = /etc/AdGuardHome/AdGuardHome.yaml (ADG yaml file)
Work dir = /usr/bin/AdGuardHome (???)
Run timelog file = /tmp/AdGuardHome.log

Does a file exists with those settings?

Thank you

Where you've installed your binary

yes where is your .YAML file

the parent folder of your binary

a log (/tmp or /root)

There is no official luci-app-adguardhome app in the LuCI repo.
So no wonder that there is no real setup documentation.

(there are a few forum threads found by forum search, but otherwise you better ask help from the publishers of that app)

Thank you for your explanation.
As I mentioned in my post, I installed ADG in /etc/AdGuardHome.
But a directory /usr/bin/AdGaurdHome is also present. Only a dir /data exists there.
Is my binary folder now /usr/bin/AdGuardHome or /etc/AdGuardHome?
Normally I should say /etc/AdGuardHome.
Same for work dir


/etc/AdGuardHome/AdGuardHome (the binary file itself need to be pointed to)

Solved thanks to Erdoukki.

Thank You very much

PS: I can't edit the title to solved. sorry

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