[Solved] LuCI and odhcpd

Hi all,

Finally took the plunge and replaced my horrendous Netgear RAX40 with an OpenWrt-compatible router, the Asus AC85P. It is working almost flawlessly and definitely better than the netgear, although I can't get the full gigabit of my fiber connection, looks like the CPU is pegged and I only get about 500MB/s. I can live with that, but is it expected?

My main issue though is that I completely removed dnsmasq and replaced it with unbound + odhcpd + adblock. Really happy with the results, but ever since I removed dnsmasq I don't have the DNS and DHCP tab in LuCI anymore, and I can't graphically configure my static leases. Is there a way to bring it back or am I stuck managing them by hand? If not I might look into creating a LuCI app for odhcpd, will be a fun little side project.

Edit: Well, enabling both software and hardware offloading in the firewall tab solved the speed issues \o/

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It's a dual core 880MHz router. If irqbalance or flow offload is not enabled, it is quite a good number.

You could reinstall it and disable it.

Duh, I had tried reinstalling it, but it seems it required a reboot for the menu to reappear, thanks a lot!

First time I heard about irqbalance, thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try as well!

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