[solved] Login with github

I have this option only when I try to use the forum from mobile, and now with the name change it tells me to wait before login (of course I wrote the wrong password first time)

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@jow just answered by email that there has been a rate-limiting issue (in login retries?)

I got just in after being locked out for a while (due to using the old forum.openwrt.org password by accident, I guess)

Same thing happened to me, I couldnt log in because I used the old username. But Now I am here finally.

A proposal for you:

pin a note to the front page that this is the old forum.lede-project.org that has been renamed.

Many people have forum login credentials on their browser auto-completion cache, so their browser will try the password for the ancient real Openwrt forum (instead of the correct lede-project forum password).

yes, but on mobile there is an option to login with github, and on desktop I don't see it so that helped on my phone

I see it on the desktop: x

Me too (FF Desktop)...

hmm, maybe add block, I'll try, thanks !