[Solved] Libmbedtls - 2.7.2-2 - 2.7.3-1 upgrade breaks curl

Upgrading on 17.01.4 - after the upgrade getting https urls results in:

curl: (77) Error reading ca cert file /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt - mbedTLS: (-0x3E00) PK - Read/write of file failed

Fixed this by adding:

opkg install ca-bundle

So I assume this package now has a dependency that wasn't there previously.

There are multiple ways that the CAs can be specified. Some people want a "standard" package of them, some select from that package, and others don't want the "public" CAs at all. It's common for the CA bundle to not be a "hard dependency" on many of the OSes I have worked with.

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Yes, but you can drop the other.

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