[SOLVED]LEDE vs OpenWrt /snapshots/targets/brcm63xx/

The Wiki page warns that device will be bricked but

I am currently using OpenWRT snapshot on TD-W8960Nv3 (with no DSL) ,

Is the LEDE snapshot also likely work, or does bricking device refer to the loss of DSL only?



Just an FYI: Repos appear to be merged, so it's just OpenWrt now. LEDE is now the firmware name for 17.01

Did you check the age of the snapshots, and the links? The openwrt.org URL clearly states archive and the image is from December 2017.

The merge process is going on, I assume pending completion the OpenWrt snapshot binaries have been moved to an archive URL, since they didn't build from the latest codebase (which was LEDE's).

Found the LEDE release


I will give this a try.

sysupgrade to LEDE release went smoothly.

LEDE Release (did not test snapshot)

  • more free ram and flash.
  • no wireless drivers (no wifi)
  • Luci
  • No DSL

OpenWRT Snapshot Dec'17

  • Less ram and flash available
  • no Luci
  • Wireless available
  • No DSL.