[Solved] Led lights configuration - Archer C7 v2

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I installed LEDE on Archer C7 v2 but I have an issue that is the blinking leds of the router. In router web page there is the configuration option for Led lights but I cannot manage how to configure it to blink property. For example system light is always on, if I tried a different configuration sometimes all light are on! The router is working great but I cannot figure out the led configuration. My router lights are green but in configuration is mentioned blue!

Can anybody help me please.


# ls /sys/class/leds/
ath9k-phy1           tp-link:blue:lan2    tp-link:blue:lan4    tp-link:blue:system  tp-link:blue:wlan2g  tp-link:green:usb1
tp-link:blue:lan1    tp-link:blue:lan3    tp-link:blue:qss     tp-link:blue:wan     tp-link:blue:wlan5g  tp-link:green:usb2

In /etc/config/system (available through LuCI under System > LED Configuration)

config led 'led_usb1'
	option name 'USB1'
	option sysfs 'tp-link:green:usb1'
	option trigger 'usbdev'
	option dev '1-1'
	option interval '50'

config led 'led_usb2'
	option name 'USB2'
	option sysfs 'tp-link:green:usb2'
	option trigger 'usbdev'
	option dev '2-1'
	option interval '50'

config led 'led_wlan2g'
	option name 'WLAN2G'
	option sysfs 'tp-link:blue:wlan2g'
	option trigger 'phy1tpt'

config led 'led_wlan5g'
	option name 'WLAN5G'
	option sysfs 'tp-link:blue:wlan5g'
	option trigger 'phy0tpt'


So you what exactly is your end goal in the LED configuration? Just so that the system LED blinks as it does when under the stock firmware? If so just set the trigger on the system LED to a timer. The duration it will be on and off is expressed in milliseconds. So if you enter the values 750 on both it will be on for 0.75 seconds and off for 0.75 seconds, blinking at that rate.

Yes my goal is to have it similar to stock firmware. Thank you all for your help. Problem solved.

Have you found out why the led names contains ":blue:" although the physical LEDs are green?
Is it possible to turn off the power LED?
(Model: Archer C7 v2)

In quite a few cases TP-Link changed the LED colour during their production run, in subsequent (minor) hardware revisions. While I haven't followed the archer c7 closely enough, that has happened to the tl-wdr3600/ tl-wdr4300 (early revisions had blue LEDs, later production runs switched to green ones) - maybe for price reasons, maybe because the blue LEDs age quicker (LEDs shining often get visibly darker).

For the power LED, black tape is the easiest, effective way.

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