[Solved]-Kernel headers/full source for 4.4.50?

So we have an our proprietary kernel network module which we deploy on various linux environments, redhat/ubuntu, android, etc... We have our own build process where we simply point our makefile to the kernel header and toolchain (if required) and our build process creates the appropriate ko module.
Once the kernel module is created then I can create the appropriate scripts to load the kernel modules at the appropriate time.

What I am struggling with is where I can either find the entire source or headers of the 4.4.50 kernel that is used in the Lede Reboot image. Right now I am just focusing on building the x86_64 image since I have it deployed in a virtual machine for purposes of a POC.

In the past I would just download the entire OpenWRT source code and point my makefiles at that path, but not seeing the with the lede fork of the project.

Any help would be appreciated.


Disregard. I was originally using the git source, but after downloading the imagebuilder and sdk separately, all the files I need are now where I expected them