[Solved] KERNEL_ENTRY and TP-Link devices?

I'm experiencing a strange thing on a TP-Link RE200v2 device: The original firmware has the kernel entry address set to 0x8000c150. If I build an image with this kernel entry address, I end up in a boot loop with "LZMA ERROR 1" error message in U-Boot. If I change it to 0x8000c310 it works (for me, but as it seems, doesn't for another user).

If I flash back to stock using a TFTP image, it boots fine. After reboot, I get the same LZMA ERROR 1 message. If i do a firmware upgrade after the TFTP transfer, it works fine afterwards.

Why are there (different?) errors based on the kernel entry address?

The errors were actually caused by a previous upgrade from stock with a typo. The typo had caused overlapping partition definitions in the TP-Link Safeloader, something the boot loader wasn't happy with.

After fixing this, it now boots perfectly fine with 0x80000000 as load address and entry point and upgrades from stock web interface also work.

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Thanks, I was looking for such a button but didn't find one.

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