[Solved] Is it safe to disable the vpn services/daemons?

I want to minimize the ressource usage on my router.
The LuCI lets me disable the services openvpn, wireguard, wireguard_server, vpn-service and startvpn.
openvpn is already by default turned off.
Are vpn-serive and startvpn safe to disable?
I ask this because I don't want to reset it to factory again.

I have to mention that I use this router as a small Linux system with ssh,
so I am not really interested in using vpn or wireguard.
Are there any other services that are safe to disable?

Maybe it'll help with the boot time.

Sincerely Benjamin Stürz

As long as you are not using these VPNs to connect to the internet or to connect to the router, they are safe to disable. If you are not using them at all you can remove them as well.

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Thank you.

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