[SOLVED] IPv6 rules - same settings on 2 router, still it says filtered

How are you?
Something is very weird.
I have 2 routers (Linksys WRT 3200ACM and Linksys WRT 1900ACS).
They have the exact settings (from my scripts built up).
What is weird is that on my 1900ACS I can reach my IPv6 addresses:

For the exact settings I am filtered, do you guys what it could be??? On the LAN i can acess, the settings they are same, still filtered : :worried:

While (I can only use 3 address, but for my router for example it is working)


Settings. exactly same:

Of course the router address can work, but the client's not, and I can ping and telnet into these on the LAN, so so weird, should be working.

Thanks so much,

If this is a PC, are you running services on these ports???

::ce92 does a TCP connection reset
::ce93 appears to Drop

actually are both on the same server, Debian

That's fine...allow me to be more clear:

Is there a web server online at http://[2001:470:1f1b:5b3:21b:21ff:fea6:ce92]/ ?

Because I'm receiving a TCP connection reset.

I think you simply have to allow forwarding of IPv6 from WAN to LAN (be sure you know the implication of making such a firewall rule).

@lleachii you are the god! there is a typo for sure, testing it now!!! wow!!!!

you are king of the king of the god!!!! TYPO! 1 character!! i couldn't find it...


ahh, no, the type on the that you sent.

2001:470:1f1b:5b3:21b:21ff:fea6:ce93 - what it says it is filtered

2001:470:1f1b:5b3:21b:21ff:fea6:ce92 - this is not exsiting

i try a full reboot, sometimes it happens, this filter is weird, happens sometimes.
of course i understand that i open a port on ipv6, that's exactly i would like to do and on the other interface and router it works, the other is filtered.

reboot might works.

but help anyway for the pair extreme helping!!!

i had to reboot the server some network problem was. thanks so much! without help i wouldnt try again.

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