[SOLVED] Iputils-ping - parameters order

For some reason I need iputils instead of busybox ping. I compiled new version from source (latest version with patch (http://clfs.org/~kb0iic/patches/iputils-s20151218-updates-1.patch) with some changes in Makefile (ping6, tracepath6... are in patch merged into one binary)
What I dont understand is, why ping need params first and then host(ip)

For example ping -s 1472 -i .02 is working but ping -s 1472 -i .02 is not.
Any reason for that? Is there any setup of gcc or so to compile iputils without strict params policy?

Spent a lot time with google and it seems, MUSL libs is the core of "problem". :-/

I did image using glibc and it works. So mark as solved for me