[SOLVED] Iptables LAN routing

So I'm gonna start with a brief description of what I want:
2 routers, one has wan/dhcp (ISP provided draytek 2820 no wireless interface) and the other running LEDE bridged thru rj45 needs to have two wireless networks, one private that receives ip from router1 and other public that has its one DHCP server.

Following this guide so far I've managed to bridge the lan+wan interface of the LEDE router.
After that I've created a new interface for guest_lan and associated it to a new wifi interface serving DHCP.
At this point I have two wireless lans, the private on that receives ip from the dryatek and its working ok with WAN access, the other one gives an ip but no internet access.
private network: managed by the draytek
public network: managed by LEDE router

From what I read you have to create rules in iptables for this to work, i tried a couple of them but no luck, at this point what I need is a way to route the traffic from the public network thru the private network to wan.

Any help would be mostly appreciated.

I redid the configuration, and rebooted and its working now.