[Solved] In over my head with LUCI settings (Archer c7 v5 and Eir FTTH)

Hi guys,

So I have a very similar problem to fbradyirl in this thread:

But have much less knowledge of anything networking related

I heard great things about openWRT, and decided to flash my Archer C7 V5 with it without looking into what kind of knowledge/skill level is needed to use it well.
I can't get a connection to my ISP, despite what I've tried to pick up from Youtube videos and the wiki documentation.

Like fbradyirl, I am using Eir FTTH with the exact same setup on my wall, but my router model differs (TP-Link Archer C7 v5).

After giving up I've done a reset to defaults and am hoping someone has the time to help a dumba** like me out.

Any advice or guidance will be greatly appreciated, and I'll try to get any info you need ASAP.

Go to the switch page in the web config and take a screenshot, upload here. It should take just a few changes there to add VLAN 10 then adjust your wan setting...


Here's the switch page, I haven't modified it in any way.
WAN port currently doesn't have anything connected, if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the quick reply

Ok if we assume you are in exactly the same situation as the previous post... Go to the bottom, click add to add a vlan. In the new vlan number it 10, go to the CPU column and make it tagged, and go to the wan port column, make it OFF in vlan 1 and 2, and tagged in vlan 10. Make vlan 10 off in the lan1-4 ports.

After saving, go to the interfaces page, slect the WAN interface, select the physical settings tab and select eth0.10 as the wan physical port.

After saving and applying you will have internet, if your situation is the same as quoted post.

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That worked! I went ahead and assumed I should make the Wan6 physical port the same, and I have upstream for both on my status overview page.

I had a couple more questions if anyone has time. I've configured my Wifi networks and followed the guide to setting up one for guests, and it's working well AFAIK.

Is there any packages or settings changes anyone would recommend for:

A:Security and Privacy
B: Optimizing for media (video streaming and using Chromecast) and gaming (PC)

For example, should any of this be changed from what it is currently?

I have no need for any type of remote access from anywhere outside my home network, and want to make sure anything like that is disabled.

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