[Solved]Implausible 4G/LTE signal strength values with UQMI

Hello everyone,

Sorry for my grammar im not a native English.

My connection is rock-steady but anyways i wanted to check my strength to maybe improve the location of my router a bit more.

I got horrible values with the command:

 uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm1 --get-signal-info

My values when the router is indoors and also the usual place where the router is located the whole time:

        "type": "lte",
        "rssi": -74,
        "rsrq": -11,
        "rsrp": -105,
        "snr": 100

With these values i get Fullspeed and good pings:

45 Down
10 Up

Then i switched my router to the outside of my house to the balcony.

Then i got these values:

        "type": "lte",
        "rssi": -42,
        "rsrq": -17,
        "rsrp": -82,
        "snr": 142

But with these much much better values i get a Download-speed of around 2-6 mbit/s and 8 mbit/s Up

I know and understand how to interpret these values but they simply make no sense compared to the Speeds.

Whats wrong here?
Some ideas?

How are you measuring the speed? With speedtest.net or some other page?
On which machine is the speedtest running? On router or some PC?
If it is another PC how is it connecting to the router? Cable or Wifi?

Yes i use speedtest.net and the google search engine Speedtest and get always consistent results.

Speedtest is running through the same PC on Ethernet with every testing configuration (outside and inside house) to get out from wifi interferences and other possibilities of changes between two different systems.

Overall signal from the tower (assuming you are connected to the same tower) increased greatly but signal "quality" RSRQ went from -11 (good) to -17 which is very marginal.

Thanks for the answer.

Can you explain this in more detail?

Also if i need a antenna to improve the signal quality.
how do i know which band my antenna should support?

how to read out the actual band in use?