[SOLVED] Image Files Download Counts

@tmomas, actually I hadn't seen that yet. Having a quick glance over it, I noticed that it will take a while before all devices in that list will be properly updated. For example, as far as I know all ZBT devices have Uboot web recovery and Uboot TFTP - serial (to be verified).

I was normally getting this info from the device description page itself. The ones that included pictures of e.g. serial connectors and the OEM + OpenWRT bootlogs.

The question with all this is, how many users read this Before...and how many users "fuck-up" and then search After how to recovery?? But that goes for the whole Wiki unfortunately. And you of all people here know how hard it is to get this information up-to-date and well written for the noobs but still have enough detailed information for the more experienced among us.

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Here is an example:


Someone reporting an image with a serious issue, someone else notifying them it is a known problem and has been fixed in a later image.

Something like a thumbs up/down for that image may have been helpful.

Regrettably, in my experience as a product manager, you almost always only hear of problems. Given even a quick read of the posts here, a majority of the problems are "pilot error" and not an issue with the image. Combine that with "It flashed, it's working, I'm done and on to the next thing on my list" and the positive feedback is going to be swamped by the negative. While it might point out what devices people are having problems with, I don't think such a metric would provide valuable insight into the "quality" of an image.

Want something turnkey that is likely to work? Flash a "release" image. (Assuming the pace of releases picks up a bit again).

Know what you're doing? Build your own.

Note that "download a snapshot build" is notably absent from those options, in my opinion. (Again, assuming relatively frequent updates to releases.) Snapshots are, for me, simply an artifact of the testing process. They're there if they are convenient (as they would be for someone testing across multiple devices).


Something to keep in mind: Those stats show only downloads.openwrt.org, but not the download mirrors. To get the complete picture, stats of all mirrors would be needed too.