[SOLVED] Image builder for architectures other than x86_64


Is it posisble at all to have image builder for, lets say, SBCs like various Pi boards? I mean to be able to build images for various routers on such board. Compiling from sources on such platforms is out of question because of processor and storage speeds and ram limitations.

If it is posble, what needs to be done to make such a bulder?

The image builder is already available. They are setup for Linux-x86 64 -- you can run this on a native linux box, or run linux in VirtualBox (or other virtualization software) on a Mac or Windows system.

Just go into your platform of choice and look for the Image Builder download. For example: Broadcom 2710 > lede-imagebuilder-17.01.4-brcm2708-bcm2710.Linux-x86_64.tar.xz

The full SDK is there, too, if you want to build everything from source. Same will be true for the other supported platforms.

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Probably my englysh much lorse than I anticipated.

I'm asking abaout image builder that is NOT setup for Linux-x86_64. I want to run it on system that is NOT x86_64 compatible. If there is no problem with using x86_64 system for image builder I wont be asking this question.

GCC is an avalaible package: https://openwrt.org/packages/pkgdata/gcc

So it is possible to compile on the board, as long as the device has enough CPU and HDD space. The SDK was designed for x86_64, though.

Or, you can run the SDK in virtual on any OS.

Image Builder uses the compiled host side tools which were generated by the full build system. In other words, you would have to cross the full build system to another platform, then you could select "make the Image Builder" and build it for that platform.

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Thank you mk24. Obviously you are the only one that understands my relativly simple question.

Why would you re-build the whole SDK when you can use x68_64???

Maybe I don't see the usefulness.

@mk24 where is the source code to the build tool?

I would prefer to build using MinGW if possible.

Maybe some ppl shoud read this* artikle of the wiki. Maybe after that my question and mk24 answer would be more clear.


I don't know about the Pi3, but the Pi1 was absolutely dog slow at compiling anything of substance. A 10 year old Core 2 Duo PC you can find for well under $50 will run circles around it.

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Restrains are not finantial and requirment is about "security" and phisical space. No space for normal or even SFF machine. All operations must take palce at the location. The only thing i can fit in the crowded rack is something like Pis and the owner is giving his unused Orange Pi One.

BTW Orange Pi One is having memory isues atm. If I try to emulaye allwinters h3 on my desktop and build Image Builder there will I get better speed? And what are the chances of something going wrong with images builded from it?

Somewhere you should be able to install a machine that it secure enough for your comfort in compiling images, even if not co-located with the Orange Pi. At worst, you can "rent" one for $5 a month (or less, if you stand it down when you're not using it) from Digital Ocean. There are plenty of ways of securely transferring the image to the target "over the wire". Your choice as to how secure you want to make your Orange Pi.

I know how to compile software for OpenWRT... and i see Building the Image Generator

I asked:

  • Where is the SDK code to make another SDK?

It does seem you are compiling on the Pi...

What I can and what i'm allouwed to do are two totaly different things. I was aking haw to do something and majority started to explain me how to do something else. Thank you very much.

It's very nice that you know how to compile for OW. Do every one trying to sligthly modify OW should know that. And if you know how to debug compiling erors, do every one using OW shold too?

And I've tryed to cmpile on the Pi. Once to generate image builder. What is your problem with that?

I just asked a question:

Can you (or someone) answer me please?

I'm just asking were the code is, a URL will be fine...I actually wish to compile on a x86 (not 64-bit).

You need to use the buildroot to build the SDK. Clone OpenWrt, issue make menuconfig, select [ ] Build the OpenWrt SDK and issue make.

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I was aking haw to do something and majority started to explain me how to do something else.

@Yasen6275 - You seem very ungrateful. Based on the wording of your original question, I did not interpret the specific intent/requirement to compile on a Pi, and I believe the same may have been true for others who commented. Further, many people rightly cautioned against trying to do this based on storage space, memory, and performance of a Pi vs an x86 system. Given the clarification and additional requirements around 'security and space' stated later in the thread, it is clear that I was not the only person who didn't understand your needs. As such, my response was leading you in the wrong direction -- for that I apologize. But please show some gratitude for those on this forum who are trying to help, rather than making snarky responses about how everyone was telling you how to do something else.

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There is a chance that i'm ungratefull. But maybe, just maybe explaining me where to download inage builder that is a litle bit insulting. But lets say I havent expresed my self cleary. After all my english is not very good. But everythig after my second post and mk24 answer is just spaming or troling or offtopick.

BTW the first one pointing out restrictions on storage space, performance and memory on Pi was me. In my first post.

And why do i need that, why it is not a good idea and etc are secondary questions. Mostly irelevant to what I've asked.

disregard the pre-edits post...I think I'm lost in translation

just know:

  • I noted GCC so you can compile on the Pi
  • I asked about the code URL/location, because I need to do the same thing (compile on a 32-bit PC)
  • hence I never knew it was possible until this thread