[SOLVED] I tried to flash firmware but got error (western digital n750)

I just got a Western Digital N750 router. I went through the steps on the wiki about how to install Lede. I got to the part where I should go to the router's admin page. I went to Advanced_Settings>Admin>Firmware_update. I then uploaded the factory.bin file, but got an error:

firmware upload fail.
Invalid image file. Please select the correct image and upload it again

(And yes, I did verify check256sums)

Sounds odd, I know this is a bit roundabout but can you try flashing OpenWRT and then do a sysupgrade to LEDE (do not save settings)?


A shot in the dark, but worth a try: I recently had a router's webinterface choke on the filename's length and/or multiple dots. Rename the image file to something simple like "upgrade.bin" and try again.

@diizzy @takimata,
The problem was only on Firefox. When I tried to upload the bin on Chrome, it worked. This thread is now SOLVED. :slight_smile:

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