[SOLVED] I can't see my Apache server from the intetnet - 2 NATs

I have a problem. I installed apache2 on my ARM-PC - and opened port 80. In my network i have 2 routers - first which is property of internet provider - i can only set here a DMZ device, and second - connected to first - with OpenWRT which handles all traffic between my computers and internet. In both routers i have different IP addresation - in first - 192.168.1.xxx - second 192.168.3.xxx

In first router I set a second router's IP as a DMZ device. I tried to make openwrt luci panel accesible from internet - so i made port forwarding of itself router - to strange port 5044 - and It works(i can access it from my public address). But when i try to forward port of another device in my network, with running apache server - I can't access it from internet...

The strangest thing is that - when i made port forward of second (Openwrt)router from it's config - i cant access it from network of first router on specified port - from internet - I can. But when I forward port of server - I can access it on first routers network, but not from the internet :open_mouth: . Had somebody dealt with this problem before?

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Your ISP may be blocking port 80 to discourage you from running a web server. Try forwarding a "strange" external port translated to 80 for the Apache server.

Thank You for reply, I just disabled a rule to block all port forwarding, and website on 80 port works :smiley: