[SOLVED] HTTPS / SSL / Preventing uHTTPd from using any certs


as you all know chrome is NOT accepting any certs, which are not officially signed!

I am using KONG's version of OpenWRT and he supplies his build with an SSL cert.

Q: How do I switch it OFF / prevent uHTTPd from supplying the cert to my browser?

... or is there a way to use privately signed certs with chrome WITHOUT triggering the "cert-alert"?

Sounds like dd-wrt instead of OpenWrt...

You remove the SSL capabilities and switch to using just the plain http instead of Https.

Thanks for the suggestions.

This is indeed the OPENWRT version of Kong's builds: https://www.desipro.de/openwrt/18.06/

Q: How do I do this: "You remove the SSL capabilities and switch to using just the plain http instead of Https." ?


After reading more about certs / ssl / https.

I realized that the desire to get rid of HTTPS is ill advised! With HTTP all passwords are transmitted in the CLEAR ! ==> That's NOT what I want :slight_smile:

I wanted to get rid of the "NOT Secure" Waring within CHROME ... since recently chrome does NOT accept any self signed certs anymore ... and thus produces the warning and behaves differently for the presumably less secure sites.

Creating an official signed cert for my router seems to be way over my head: Intranet SSL Certificates

Anyhow thanks for all your advise.

Click "Advanced" and accept the cert if you are convinced that it is your own device you're connecting to.

This is the case for even enterprise-grade gear, like Cisco switches.

As I only connect to these devices over a management VLAN with limited access, it lets me be even more confident. You should be able to check the cert on the device if you SSH in to compare it with that shown by Chrome.

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