[SOLVED] How to Set limit of clients on WIFI

I have installed openwrt 23.05.3 on my tp link cpe220 v3. I want to limit my wifi clients how i do that. thanks in advance.

Limit the number of clients that can use it at one time or limit clients who can use it?

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I assume you mean 23.05.3 ?

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Limit the number of clients that can use it.

Limit the number of DHCP leases to whatever number you want by setting the range.

e.g. only hand out leases from 100-150 for a limit of 50.

sorry my mistake its 23.05.3 thamks for correction.

how to limit DHCP leases step by step guide plzzz

In LuCI:
Network/DHCP and DNS -> limits->Max. DHCP leases

if i add this

option maxassoc '1'

in /etc/config/wireless
would it work.

I don't know CLI that well. That might be the config for it but someone else will have to confirm it.

I have tested it and it is working. Thanks


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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok Thanks.

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