[Solved]How to; most basic additional interface via wireless

After a factory reset on the most recent OpenWrt running on Linksys WRT3200ACM.

How do I add an interface that deals out an ip in the 10.0.0.x range?

  • factory reset
  • connected wired (using DHCP)
  • login to openwrt.lan
  • Network -> wireless -> radio 1 -> Add
    name: ssid_tester .. .. .. ..
  • Network -> Interfaces -> Add
    name: if_tester
    protcol: Static address
    interface: wireless network: Master (ssid_tester)
    ip4 address:
    DHCP enable

What am I missing. When ever I connect wirelessly to ssid_tester the connection fails and can not connect. So I am not getting a dhcp lease in the range

Can someone please point out what I am missing?

Also what command can I run in an ssh session to debug what is going on behind the scenes? The system log in LUCI is very very quite ;(

Create the interface first, then the wifi. General user-side networks usually should be bridges even if initially there is only one physical hardware attached.

Connect wifi to a network on the wireless page not the network page. Note that if you start from a factory reset, the whole radio is disabled, so at the top of the page you have to enable the radio. Also set your country code.

The "System Log" in Luci is the same one you see with logread on the CLI. You can follow ongoing events with logread -f.

and what interface will the new interface be using if I create the interface first?

Leave it at "Unspecified". Check the bridge box, choose Static IP and fill out the IP address and netmask and set up the DHCP server but otherwise leave blank or default. Save and apply your empty interface then go to wireless.

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I did ask most basic :wink: thx alot.

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