[Solved] How to install firmware on TL-WR840N?

On the Internet, I found a similar instruction

And I already know how to install firmware on TP link routers. I had a router from a provider with firmware that only supported the Internet from this provider, and after moving I had to install universal firmware from the official website so that the router would work with a new ISP.

But there are more difficulties with installing your firmware. The instructions say to download two firmware files from your site, one ends with factory.bin and the second with sysupgrade.bin
And already there is a problem.

There is no factory.bin firmware on your site

I tried to flash KERNEL, the router answered me that the firmware is not suitable.

Firmware Version: 0.9.1 3.16 v0283.0 Build 170407 Rel.44306n
Hardware Version:TL-WR840N v4 00000004

How to install the firmware om my router?

See the device page for TL-WR840n v4


How can I create a server with address and port 69?
tftpd64 only allows and

TFTPd will let you use whatever IPs you have on your interfaces, so set a static one.

That's however an OS question, not openwrt.

It's all part of one whole. The essence of the question is "how to install the firmware", and I need as complete instructions as possible.

Sorry, there's no Openwrt for Dummies, and setting a static IP, well, I'm sure there are tons of videos about it on YouTube...

Tried Google?

As for the instruction, they look very complete to me, you being unable to translate them, is something different.

Don't try to appear smarter than you really are. All Google instructions do not indicate how to create a server ON A SPECIFIC IP, there is generally no emphasis on IP. They offer to choose the one that is given. That's why I'm asking HOW TO MANUALLY SET IP? If it were not necessary to install the firmware according to your instructions, then I would not have asked.

Sorry to disappoint...

Because you don't need to know, as I already wrote - TFTPd will let you use whatever IPs you have on your interfaces.

What interface are you talking about? I have never chosen my own IP. An external IP is given to me by my network provider, and I can register an internal IP with a router. But what about interfaces? If you do not understand this issue, then it is better not to write anything at all. I'll wait for really knowledgeable people.

You won't get better answers, than the questions you're asking...

OK, time for some 101.

Isolate the router, connect it only to the host used for flashing, using a LAN port.

Turn off the wifi on that host, if there's one.

Set the static IP on the host, and fire up the TFTPd.

Don't forget to temp disable the firewall.

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How interesting. I disconnected the router from the Internet, disconnected the Wi-Fi in the router. I changed the router address from to after which I was able to change my internal IP to
And after that I kind of managed to flash the router

Welcome to the wonderful world of openwrt :slight_smile:

As for knowledgeable, if the instructions go over your head, just say so, instead of getting annoyed...

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