[Solved] How to disable luci-proto-ppp?

I don't mind if ppp is enabled by default but I do mind that I can't disable it. It is enabled but not possible to disable. I find an old ticket against this same problem that looks to never have got a reply.


all you need to do is open the .config file on your buildroot and delete any passages that have ppp on them. I do it, saves a whole bunch of space, especially if you have a 4mb flash, and it affects absolutely nothing in the functionality (in my experience over the course of a few years of building across several devices on Mediatek MIPS and ar71xx.

I use

sed -i '/usb/d' .config
sed -i '/ppp/d' .config

Just for short. the USB is in case your device has no USB.

Warning, it will say your config is not synced or some such, no matter.. it will build just fine.

It is broken though as it should be possible to disable from menuconfig. I looked for what file is forcing that option and could not find it. There are some depends I found that include this.


You need to deselect the empty "luci" meta package before you can deselect "luci-proto-ppp".

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And if you need luci, select only the needed parts, not the full luci package, see link above.

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Warning, it will say your config is not synced or some such, no matter.. it will build just fine.

No, the build fails when I try that.

...just in case someone stumbles into this.

Thanks @tmomas and @jow, I was able to disable ppp. Although I could not see/find a way to enable luci-mbedtls. I had that enabled before but had to disable to deselect "luci" meta package.

Whenever that fails I just do make distclean and make clean so that its a fresh start.
I saw however in the newest commit that you can in fact disable ppp in menuconfig.

Like luci, luci-ssl is an empty metapackage, which does nithing but making sure that the required dependencies (libustream-mbedtls and px5g) are met; just install those manually.

Thanks @slh I sort of fell into that. I noticed that those were still selected but I don't know how/why they got selected. And I only noticed when I flashed with the new firmware and still had https. That's when I tracked down what got enabled or was left enabled I think.

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