[Solved] How to connect to a router using PuTTY

I installed the basic firmware of the router. Next, it seems like you need to connect to the router via How to connect to a router using PuTTY and update the firmware. BUT, I set a password on the router. Now, when trying to connect to the router via PuTTY, after entering the login, it asks for a password. BUT HE WILL NOT GO. I cannot enter any character in the "password" field. Neither from the physical keyboard, nor from the virtual keyboard.

Sure you're not talking to the main router again?

What does "with the main" mean, I have one!

Well, what should I do? I don't even know how to change the address of the router without a console. I have already disconnected the Internet from the router, I am writing from a mobile modem.

Just enter your password and press Enter.
Don't expect putty to echo the characters you type.


what????? you want to say that he thus hides my password from strangers? Instead of asterisks, it stupidly does not show any characters at all?

That is a feature of putty , not stupid to me.

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More like a feature of ssh (and linux command line in general).

Putty has little to do with it, all it does is send your keystrokes to the server, then print whatever is sent back. If ssh (or telnet or whatever you connect to) sends asterisks, there will be asterisks.

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