[Solved] How to check incoming / FW logs in real time to see if requests for port 80/443 are making it to the router

Is it possible to monitor logs in real time for incoming connections?

I have opened some ports on my router to forward to LAN device. Some ports work, but ports 80 and 443 do not. I configured the port forwarding for them exactly as necessary, from *:80 to It works for random ports like 12345 but not for 80 or 443.

I don't know if maybe my ISP is blocking port 80 before it even hits my router. Dealing with ISP tech support is, as we all know, painful so I thought I would confirm my suspicion by looking at my router logs. Is it even seeing the incoming connection?

opkg update
opkg install tcpdump-mini

tcudump -ni <wan>  tcp port 80

Where <wan> is the interface of your wan, which might just be wan in the default configuration.

-n -- numeric, don't try to resolve host names
-i -- listen on this interface


Keep in mind that, by default, uhttpd (for the webinterface/ luci) binds to ports 80 (and 443 with https support) on all interface, before digging deeper I'd suggest to stop uhttpd for testing.


Thank you both so much. That worked great. The router is getting the traffic but I am not sure why its not forwarding. Since that is another question I will ask another one.

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