[solved]How to build packages while building an image?

i check these 3 options in make menuconfig:

“Select all target specific packages by default”
“Select all kernel module packages by default”
“Select all userspace packages by default”

but only a few packages were generated;
i'v tried several times,no more new packages were built.

i could build a lot of packages with SDK when i follow this document:https://lede-project.org/docs/guide-developer/compile_packages_for_lede_with_the_sdk

i want to build some kernal module packages(e.g. kmod-sched), but they never appear when i building image,though i check them in Kernal Modules/Network Support/ category when running make menuconfig.

From within your buildroot, issue: make MENUCONFIG_COLOR=blackbg menuconfig

  • Prior to, ensure you issue the following:
    1. ./scripts/feeds update -a
    2. ./scripts/feeds install -a
    • Prior to building an image, and before issuing the above make menuconfig, issue: git pull
    • Also ensure you create diff configs each time you save your changes in menuconfig: ./scripts/diffconfig.sh > <mydiff>.config

you know what, i saved my configuration to 'my.config' each time i running 'make menuconfig'.
in fact, i should save configuration to '.config' , a hidden file in the root building directory.:joy:
also, i miss 'git pull'.
Thanks a lot.:smile: