[Solved] How to build OpenWRT from SDK

Hallo, I can not found the right information for that.

You can't.

Like wiki says, the SDK is meant for compiling single packages, not the whole firmware.

The SDK is a relocatable, precompiled OpenWrt toolchain suitable to cross compile single userspace packages for a specific target without compiling the whole system from scratch.

If you want to compile a full firmware, use the imagegenerator (to cook up firmware from compiled package .ipk files) or do a full build from the sources.

If you are modifying package sources, or doing anything similar, building from sources is the easiest option.

Thnks. I have a WiFi Router - development project with some special software. So I have to learn how to handle OpenWRT, add own packages and adapt our own hardware. So I will have a lot of questions in the next time. But first I check your links. Image Builder works now, but I have still many questions. Now I try source, it takes time.

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Many will be answered in the LEDE documentation...take some time to review it.


sure, I try. But some time I really need a kick in the right direction.

I wrote a script to automate the build process on Ubuntu which you might find helpful

I did compiled the snapshot source! I am enjoy my life again!

Yes, thank you, I will check your script.