[solved] How to build 17.01.4 (stable) release?

Hi, I'm quite tired from incomatible kernel whenever I try to opkg install anything, so I'd like to switch from snapshots to stable. But all relevant informations and links in forums are gone, probably because of migration.

I have used git clone https://git.lede-project.org/source.git, later git clone git://github.com/openwrt/openwrt.git (again), but I have no idea how to use latest stable lede release, which is probably 17.01.04, not merged with openwrt at that point, right? The goal is to have compatible kernel dependencies when I do opkg install whatever.

Can someone please point me to a git link of 17.01.04? The latest stable release mentioned on openwrt wiki is git clone -b chaos_calmer git://github.com/openwrt/chaos_calmer.git which is pretty obsolete. I remember there have been at least designated driver since then, but I don't know if it was stable, because I switched to lede early in 2017 :slight_smile: Now lede is back in openwrt, but don't know how to build stable release :frowning:

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Thank you @hnyman very much. So is this correct?

mkdir ledestable
cd ledestable
git clone https://git.lede-project.org/source.git
cd source
git fetch --tags
# now I looked onto tags with firefox: https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=tags
git checkout v17.01.4

Everything seems to be fine up to this point, but I don't understand the "example workflow". Thank you.

The workflow was just for git novices to be able to see what should happen and how to verify things.

I see, thank very much for valuable help.
When I compile and install this checkout, then there is hardcoded some other path in opkg.conf for 17.01.4 packages available at that time, which will satisfy kernel dependencies? This is what I don't fully get. I understood this when each release had different path, but is a mystery :hushed:

I think that you need to set "build all kernel packages" options to achieve the kernel checksum.

And you can use the 17.01.4 SDK to build individual packages that match.

But I have newer tried to do that, as building a personal firmware from the HEAD of the 17.01 branch with all needed packages, is so simple. Takes about 20 minutes to build for me, so I see that much easier than trying to compile 17.01.4 compatible packages.

I see. Thank you. It seems that I'll stick with snapshots anyway and compile as usual, also because my router does not have a profile there yet as I found. Full compile takes more than hour in here, but after git pull it is faster, maybe 20 minutes too.
Shame, that it is not possible to build stable lede with working repo (unless I upload all the packages somewhere and rewrite opkg.conf). I hope lede will migrate with it's power, but accept some of the good things of old openwrt too :wink:

You might want to use ccache, that will speed up subsequent builds.

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Thank you, that looks like useful tip.

As far as I know my guide still works. https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/additional-software/beginners-build-guide#compiling_lede

You will get all the correct packages without build all.

You can force or hack the kmod compatibility, use at your own risk.

In the file include/kernel-defaults.mk search by vermagic and replace the line:

grep '=[ym]' $(LINUX_DIR)/.config.set | LC_ALL=C sort | mkhash md5 > $(LINUX_DIR)/.vermagic


echo 'release_hash' > $(LINUX_DIR)/.vermagic

Obviously, replace release_hash by the correct hash.

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