[Solved] How do I create a tap device?


I would like to create a tap device, nothing to do with OpenWrt operation, just for my own messing about, however I know only two ways of doing this one being tunctl which I couldn't find in OpenWrt, another using the ip command, but OpenWrt ip command is via busybox and I guess that hasn't been compiled with tap support. I was looking for uml-utilities (some distros ship tunctl as part of that) but that doesn't exist in the package index either.

I was able to include kmod-tun in my firmware using the image builder as there is a package for that, but I guess that's just there for the likes of hostapd, or OpenVPN which may want to use it.

So how can I create a tap device? The equivalent of:

ip tuntap add mode tap dev tap0 user nobody


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Install this:


Thanks for the quick response, you're a life-saver!

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