SOLVED - How configure? ISP-router, DNS-based adblocking, guest network

ISP-router/modem (IP:
o not possible to set in bridge mode
o not possible to change DNS-servers serverd by DHCP
o can turn off DHCP

openwrt (on Netgear WNDR3800)
o OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f

o DNS-based adblocking (now usering pihole on raspberry pi)
o wireless guest network separated without access to equipment on LAN
o raspberry pi (as server) reachable from the internet

o how shoud I configure openwrt?

Solution: Double NAT (not recommended)

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Other requirement is also that my raspberry pi, must be reachable from the internet (as server), so double NAT is not an option?

double nat just means you have to create the port forwarding on the isp-router and openwrt. usually they dont change often, so no problem.
take care what services you are exposing to the internet thou.

just disable wifi on the isp-router and setup everything on the wrt, should work fine.

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Thanks, I'll try

Thanks!! everything works great. The wifi network on my ISP router seams to be a guest network automatically, because all devices attachted to my openwrt router are not visible (and to the ISP-router only TV's are connected).

I place my raspberry in the DMZ of the ISP router (port forwarding does not work correctly on my ISP router). In Openwrt I forward only one needed port to my PI.

And all network broadcast services will break :wink:

@dizzy, sorry but is that good or bad? I have now a DHCP-server in each subnet, can I expect any problems?

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